Since its establishment in 1992 by Damir and Andreja Dubravec, Dega has been operating in the lighting project, sale branch of the lighting fixtures and electrical installation industry. We’re a privately held company headquartered in a state-of-the-art office space in Varaždin, Croatia, but we boast a remarkable portfolio of work that extends from the entirety of Croatia to Slovenia.

Under our roof, you’ll also find ELEKTRO-TIM. Founded by Dega, it is a team of experienced professionals that offer a rich addition to our array of services. Ranging from project-based lighting design, procurement and delivery, to installation and maintenance of installed lighting systems.

Our closed circle of high-tech, high-quality technological activity creates a quality basis for market management. Reach out to us to find out more about our range of product and services.

Company headquarters is in Varazdin, in Međimurska ulica 28, with about 2800 square meters of modern and functionally equipped space.

Our policy

We aim to meet the needs of our customers by providing thorough, high-quality services in all areas of our activity, from procurement and design, to installation and maintenance. We strive to acquire new knowledge, improve our working methods and continuously update our equipment and office space. We aspire to increase the area of our activity, recruit professionals, and continually invest in quality to meet the needs and desires of all of our clients.

From an idea to realization of the project

Lighting has only one specific purpose: to illuminate the living or working space. In our opinion, there is a much bigger dimension to light, and that is enriching the space that surrounds it.

In the past two decades, the environmental framework took a significant turn, not only in terms of improving the technical characteristics of lighting, but also in its ability to enrich the work area and living space, meanwhile saving an immense amount of energy.

Lighting remains the most important factor enabling sight. It has developed into a mean of communication and motivation: a key factor in forming a visually and emotionally pleasant space. It is increasingly gaining significance in highlighting architectural ideas, making it a very powerful tool in design. With this in mind, we believe that every investor, engineer of electrical design, or an architect can welcome professional advice when designing with light.

Our aim is to create a custom-tailored space for every individual. We have, over the years, established a team of professionals for all your needs in lighting solutions, so feel free to contact us and request advice from our project department.

With your needs in mind, our experts do preliminary on-site research to study the space, after which in cooperation with investors or architects they review the conceptual nature of the space itself and your own desires as a client. We work with the space that you give us, so we work to enhance its unique physical characteristics and shape its more challenging aspects to form one cohesive, visually appealing space.

When your project is still in the stage of initial design, we develop this process initially in plans and drawings. Using this blueprint, we introduce the lighting sources for your space and create light-calculations with the latest software tools, allowing us to create 3-D simulations of the space.

Finally, this architectural specification is the base for our commercial processing and it is used in formation of a proposed offer.