Culture of Light



... this is a phrase that saves the day. Light is life, we know that to be a basic biological fact. But we seldom stop to think that light, the other kind, the one that substitutes the sunlight, is the basis of our modern living. And it is, in fact, a prerequisite for our world to function. Without it our day would come to an end at dusk. Indoor space would be an area of limited light even during the day. On a grey, rainy day, there would be no point in attempting anything else than crawling into bed and waiting for it to pass. Well, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing, but it would, invariably be a different world.

And in this world, the way we know it, the light is the Master of the Game. Like a director or a puppeteer pulling wires on the stage beneath. A simple click and it changes the mood. Shadows on the wall break the monotony, warm shades disperse the cold. It whips away the fear and uncertainty of the darkness in a flash. Dim it and let self-confidence thrive. Turn it up and away with cowards and bullies. Warm and soft to welcome and relax. Strong and bright to suggest – no messing about with us! Pointing anything out is best down with a spotlight. Finally, before ‘Surprise!’ a click of the switch is inevitable.

There's no two ways about it, without light, there is only darkness. With it come unlimited options. To understand how it functions and to appreciate its emotional impact and its influence in shaping every moment of life is to understand a whole culture of light. It's easily taken for granted, this seemingly irrelevant skill. And yet it plays such a key role in the atmosphere of our lives. To manage the culture of light is a discreet and extraordinary art of our time.

Tena Štivičić